Hi & Fly -- Who are the Spies!?

Event Start/End:


Hi & Fly V2 coming up on Saturday 2 march at 1 PM EST / 19:00 CET (PM @|SquidInk| PartySquid for server invite)

Who are the spies?

The goal will be to deliver a load of cargo from PO to Levski without being sabotaged by the spy or spies.
Does your cargo / ship not make it the round will be won by the spies, if it does, the spies have failed and the citizens will have won.
You will find that if you don't know who to trust, odd things can happen.

Before the event starts we will put all the names of attending citizens in an RNG machine to pick out spies at random.
Depending on the amount of citizens showing up we will have more or less cargo ships and escort ships and spies to make the event fun!


- Spawn at Crusader
- A healthy dose of paranoia
- Show up on time, we want to minmimalize the pre-event setup like pickin